Is Rust real yet? Did they invent Rust finally?

My one caveat however is admitting that Google is both a phone and internet provider now, and availability is probably something they are keenly aware of.

This shit! They tell you it’ll switch back too. No explanation. No rationale stated. The obvious reason is they’re trying to manipulate what you see, because they hate you. But from a user-facing perspective they just do this because they can and you can’t do shit about it.

Twitter’s in-house apps are far and away the most hostile anti-user pieces of software ever fashioned. Steam has better UX than Twitter.

Twitter’s site now has a button that makes your timeline normal again by showing tweets in the correct order. However this setting AUTOMATICALLY reverts after a short period.

EA has closed fewer studios than Google has killed projects after announcing them.

Google is going to announce some more cardboard and several other initiatives they’ll lose interest in after a few months and swiftly abandon.

Like, if you’re a person and you kill 300 people, you have your personhood removed and we put you in an empty room somewhere in Texas and stare at you through a small hole for the rest of forever.

There’s not that many cases of companies killing that many people in a 5 month period, but I am nearly positive that the companies that did aren’t companies anymore.

It blows my mind that Boeing killed over 300 people and still gets to be a company.

I wasn’t gonna name the book, but to be honest, no one should read it so it’s called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. Avoid.

There’s an untold number of funny examples you could’ve given for why someone would dump someone else, but instead you went with cisnormative transphobic trash.

Started a book last night but I doubt I’ll continue. The tone of the book was that of a frat boy turned blogger and at one point he says “dump that boyfriend you caught trying on your panties one too many times.”

My libido hasn’t changed that much since starting HRT. I found out previously this was because my T levels were dummy high. I’m on a higher Spiro dose now but it hasn’t changed since the increase. This makes me nervous in a way. Is the T still a problem or is my E level ok?

All the GDC takes about San Francisco reminding me how much I despise living here. This city is such a wasteland. It makes me ill.

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